Ensign Care uses Digital Therapy to engage with patients

As a leading cause of death since 2016, Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease overtake any heart diseases and lung cancer. With 38% of people in the UK that have a family member or close friend living with dementia, the health condition is highly likely to increase to over 1 million patients by the end of 2025.

As the years go by, the world has increased the quality of technology and discovering more alternatives to treating health issues. In particular, technology has not only taught individuals how to bake a cake or discover their nearest fish and chip shop, technology has become a method to manage many illnesses including Alzheimer’s disease.

Ensign Care was established to improve the safety of vulnerable and distressed patients in hospital, whilst providing engaging therapies and activities. By introducing digital therapies to patients, many patients have participated in stimulating communication and activities for hours and promotes the recovery process.

Digital Tablet Solitaire

Dementia Support Workers have dementia friendly digital tablets loaded with games, music, old photos and videos to interact with patients. These simple yet effective therapies include listening to music from all era’s, reminiscing over old video clips, discussing old photos and past-times, as well as playing games like Scrabble, Solitaire and Chess.

Digital therapy has been proven to improve patients’ memory, motor and learning skills from a psychological perspective while lowering anxiety and stress. The wide selection of games, activities and digital applications are designed to reduce stress and anxiety and promote communication.

Digital Tablet Colouring

Ensign Care offer limited free trials for Trusts to see this unique service in action and experience for themselves benefits such as improved patient engagement and the freeing up of valuable NHS resources.

To book your no obligation free trial – contact Ensign Care on 0345 25 76 104 and for any enquiries, visit the website here – www.ensigncare.co.uk