Home Companionship can reduce loneliness and improve quality of life in people living with dementia…

Our Home Companionship service is designed to provide support to people in the comfort of their own home, allowing them to remain independent and maintain their usual routines in a familiar environment. We promote dignity and respect through compassionate care by making individuals feel calm and at ease.

People living with dementia face becoming lonely due to a lack of face-to-face interaction with others, especially if they live alone. Sometimes people may not be confident enough to interact with other people outside of their home, causing them to become isolated from activities and social interaction due to the fear of being judged.

Home Companionship reduces loneliness by providing people living with dementia the opportunity to build a friendship and spend quality time with their home companion in the comfort of their own home doing activities they want to do. Building friendships can improve the overall happiness of a person with dementia as they become more confident in doing the things that they enjoy, with support when they need it. Home Companions can provide support with daily activities and tasks, making them easier and more enjoyable.

Dementia can cause people to live a less active life as their ability to perform simple tasks is reduced, making them feel depressed or useless. Having a home companion regularly visit and spend quality time with them and help with basic tasks and activities can allow them to lead more fulfilled lives and improve their overall quality of life, as they do not have to worry about doing something by them self.

Spending quality time with somebody who shares the same interests and hobbies can make people living with dementia feel understood and listened to as they are able to take part in activities that they enjoy.

With our Home Companionship service, we can help following hospital discharge and provide the right level of support at home to prevent readmission.

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