How does Home Companionship support families and carers?

Our Home Companionship service is designed to provide support to people in the comfort of their own home, allowing them to remain independent and maintain their usual routines in a familiar environment. Companionship helps to promote independence whilst supporting day to day living in the home.

Home Companionship reduces loneliness by providing people living with dementia the opportunity to build a friendship and spend quality time with their home companion in the comfort of their own home doing activities they want to do.

Building friendships can improve the overall happiness of a person with dementia as they become more confident in doing the things that they enjoy, with support when they need it. Home Companions can provide support with daily activities and tasks, making them easier and more enjoyable.

We understand the great benefits that companionship can bring to a person’s quality of life. Companionship helps to promote independence whilst supporting day to day living in the home.

Our Home Companions live locally to our clients, providing a shared knowledge and understanding of the area. Families and carers can feel at ease when their loved one is accompanied by a Home Companion. We report on each visit via our digital tablets, sharing information about the time spent and activities done together.

Knowing that a loved one has a friendly Home Companion and is not alone can reduce worry for carers and families as our clients’ safety is our uppermost priority and is achieved with the support of our Home Companions.

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