Ensign Care for Chester


Ensign Care has been caring and providing support for patients with dementia for 10 years and now pleased to start work in Chester.

Many people have mixed emotions about what caring for people with dementia is all about. The support provided to patients with dementia while in hospital by our Support Workers; provide creative sessions, interactive activities and communicating to the patients to help stay calm and stimulate them.

One of our Support Workers, Sheryl, is a student Mental Health Nurse and is training to specialise with patients with dementia: “Working for Ensign Care opens so many opportunities to meet different kinds of people, spend time engaging with them and to improve my own learning as well as hopefully enrich someone’s life and make their stay in hospital better.

Caring is a rewarding job providing support for patients and recognising the hard work performed by our Support Workers. Our Support Workers are trained and equipped to develop the skills required to support patients and provide stimulating therapies that help them feel safe and calm”

Our Managing Director, Nigel Williams commented: “We have been safeguarding patients for over 10 years and love providing stimulating and engaging therapies. Family members feel at peace of mind knowing we are right next to their loved one 24/7 to ensure they are safe and recovering from their operations quickly.  Our unique Dementia Support Workers are fantastic and caring.”

We are now recruiting in Chester. To find out how you can become an Ensign Support Worker and show you can care, apply now for one of our available roles https://jobs.ensigncare.co.uk/

Contact us to see how our Dementia Support Workers can support your hospital wards and care homes.