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Here for Dementia...

Ensign Care offer unparalleled support for people living with Dementia in the home and undergoing NHS care...


Here for the NHS


Here for Patients


Here for Families


Here when needed

The services we offer

We aim to increase the safety and experience of patients living with dementia
by helping to reduce their stress and risk of harm when in hospital.

Diversion Therapy

All our staff are trained in diversion therapy and carry a unique tool kit to keep patients calm.

Validation Therapy

Our staff are trained to keep patients who have become confused or disoriented safe from harm. 

Reminiscence Therapy

Each support worker has prompt cards from the 40's and 50's aiding hours of discussion of the past.

We believe we make a real difference...

Our mission is to offer the best care for people living with Dementia during their time in NHS care,
but don't take our word for it...

We know that when we need an Ensign there will be someone there very quickly and then we can just get on with all our other duties…

Staff Nurse, NHS Hospital.

I can relax knowing that my mother is being looked after properly and her personal safety is also being dealt with, your people do a great job…

Daughter of elderly lady with Dementia

We can be run off our feet, at least we know that with your Ensign's, our most difficult patients will not be a problem or come to any harm...

Care Assistant – NHS Hospital

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We are proud to support...

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