Dementia Support Workers

Take a look at how our unique Dementia Support Workers can help on your wards

We provide 24 hour one-to-one close supervision for vulnerable and challenging patients. We can reduce the risk of falls, injury and anxiety caused to some patients suffering from Dementia. We help keep patients calm and engaged with Diversion and Reminiscence Therapies. Our unique Dementia Support Workers are a valuable resource for ad-hoc cover whenever you need it.

We’re here for Dementia. We’re here for you.

Reducing Falls

Ensign Dementia Support Workers are always in close proximity to vulnerable and challenging patients, helping to reduce the risk of falls. Assisting the patients out of bed and moving around the ward, we can reduce accidents and improve safety for all.


NHS Staff

Our National Framework Approved staff are here to support your ward staff with one-to-one supervision of challenging patients. We enable your staff to spend more time with other patients and increase the feeling of calm on the wards whilst increasing patient safety.


Family Support

We support everyone affected by Dementia including family members. We offer advice, comfort and support to ease family worries that we will be constantly by the side of their loved one when visitors go home. We ask family about the patient’s hobbies and interests to tailor our therapies to suit the patient to keep them calm, comfortable and happy.


Your Patients

We support patients affected by Dementia day and night, helping to speed up their recovery and decrease length of stay (LoS). We reduce anxiety and promote eating and movement. We engage with them, offer therapies, and keep them calm and safe while in hospital. We’re there to assist you with their care 24 hours a day.  With our support, patients with Dementia can respond better to care and recover faster.


Reminiscence Therapy

We are different to all other care agencies. We enhance the patient experience and engage patients every day with interactive games and therapeutic conversation. All our staff are uniquely trained to use Diversion Therapy, Reminiscence Therapy and Validation Therapy to reduce anxiety and keep patients safe.


We believe we make a real difference

Our mission is to offer the best care for people living with Dementia during their time in NHS care,
but don't take our word for it...

We know that when we need an Ensign there will be someone there very quickly and then we can just get on with all our other duties…

Staff Nurse, NHS Hospital

I can relax knowing that my mother is being looked after properly and her personal safety is also being dealt with, your people do a great job…

Daughter of elderly lady with Dementia

We can be run off our feet, at least we know that with your Ensign's, our most difficult patients will not be a problem or come to any harm...

Care Assistant – NHS Hospital

Call us now on 0345 25 76 104

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